Quaker Faith and Practice

The Quaker faith began in the mid-1600s in England when many found the
dogmatic and liturgical state church spiritually unsatisfying. As a result
of his personal struggle and revelations, George Fox felt compelled to
travel around England, talking about his insights. In particular he preached
there is “that of God” in every person, and that each of us can find God
without requiring clergy or ritual. He found a great following among those
who, like him, were seeking a closer relationship with The Eternal.

From Friends’ basic beliefs have evolved numerous “testimonies”; not
articles of dogma requiring acceptance by believers, but widely-held among
Friends as principles by which many of our actions are governed. Among
these are the peace testimony, based very simply on the respect for life
in all its forms; the testimony to truth and integrity, the testimony
of simplicity – by which Friends try to live; and the testimony to equality
which stems form the belief in “that of God’ in all people.

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