WARM Refugee Concerns

When a government loses its integrity the times are dangerous. When the populace accept the loss the times are desperate.

Pam Brown

Quakers in WA have a “Quaker Coffee Mug Campaign” to support
CARAD. Each of the Meetings in WA have a mug to collect donations on
Sundays. Just small amounts (the cost of a coffee) each week from those
attending worship enables us to commit to a much needed regular $100 a
month to CARAD.

WARM provides a training fees loan scheme, administered by CARAD, for refugees to retrain to gain an occupation.

CARAD, the Coalition for Asylum-Seekers, Refugees and Detainees, a
unique Western Australian agency is currently fully supporting 25
people including 8 or 10 children Such people are not permitted to work,
not allowed any source of income nor medical benefits whilst awaiting
outcome of appeal to the Minister for Immigration. Without this support
they would be sleeping on the streets. CARAD is fully stretched
financially.. They say:

In what is often a sad and demanding work, these good news stories are keeping the volunteers cheerful:

A young man in detention for over 4 years has been released from
Baxter with a TPV. He has been supported by many people over his time in
Curtin and Baxter, including about three CARAD members who he wants to
come and see. While we can be very happy for him now, the waste of time
and money and energy, and years of a young life is, inexcusable. He was
after all, as we knew, a refugee all along.

Similarly a young Iranian man was also released from Perth
following a last ditch effort several months ago by CARAD, the Uniting
Church and the anti-deportation networks to prevent his deportation.
This is just fantatsic but each of these men is likely to need lots of
ongoing support in many ways.

A young Afghan woman who did very well in her TEE has enrolled at
UWA assisted by various CARAD members. She – and other kids – are a
testament to the opportunities provided in Australia for children who
have no, or limited, education previously.

A Congolese man who was living in the community has finally been given a Permanent Protection Visa!

CARAD is constantly in need of donations to support this vital
work. You can donate online, and we especially are seeking people who
will commit to a regular amount per month.

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